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Beautiful new technology that makes our world more sustainable


The Peafowl light harvesting cell is the first direct plasmonic light harvesting cell. It can produce electricity even when very little light is intercepted.


We have identified several applications where our technology could make a significant impact for digitalisation and energy saving.

About us

We were founded in 2018 to commercialize the world’s first direct plasmonic light harvesting cell to make IoT sensors, e-paper displays and dynamic windows self-powered.


When investing in Peafowl Plasmonics you help reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and the use of harmful, toxic and rare materials.

Science based technology to reduce overall power consumption

Using the characteristics of plasmonics we develop beautiful new technology that will make our world greener, smarter and more sustainable.

Beautiful technology that makes our world more sustainable

The core of our technology – the process for how light is converted to electricity – is different. Our light harvesting cells build on a mechanism of plasmonic electron resonance.

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