Sweden on top of green energy – Peafowl on how startup conditions can improve

Sweden is ranking among the very top when EU lists green, innovative companies for the future. Entrepreneurs are generally satisfied with the environment for startups in Sweden, but there are still some obstacles, like taxes and regulations, that could be removed or eased up to improve conditions further.

– To boost entrepreneurship significantly would, at the same time, solve unemployment issues.

– Many Swedish venture capitalists don’t think enough long term. Most money available in Sweden prefer quick results, which is not feasible for projects that run over five years or longer. The long term perspective is more common in the US.


Some of the suggested changes/improvements are:

  • Ease up on tax and regulations regarding employer stock options
  • Reduce employer tax for startups, for example for the first three years and from five employees
  • Reduce profit tax when selling a company

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