Technical Breakthrough

We all know that technical development progresses in ups and downs. However, once in while we reach those oh-so sweet spots where everything falls into place and it feels like a great leap forward. Possibly, the sun is shining and the path seems clear and pleasant. We have just reached such a point!

– After some hard work the team managed to close the cell on one pane of substrate with only a thin layer as back contact. When only one substrate is needed the substrate cost will be cut in half, which will make a considerable impact on the total cost, says Jacinto Sá, who is leading the lab work.

The achievement might seem insignificant but given the fact that this has been acheived while maintaining the low-temperature printing process is quite a feat. To use only low temperature manufacturing has several advantages. It saves a lot of energy comparing to any high-temperature process and thus alignes with our sustainability objectives. It also makes it easier to transfer the printing process to the customer’s manufacturing site and fit right into their regular production process.

– This breakthrough really highlights the technical ability of the team but it also gives us the possibility of being innovative on the commercial side. By enabling the customers to do the printing themselves in their own facilities, as a “Coca-Cola model” where we license the know-how and sell the ink, we offer a sustainable and flexible business model that is truly disruptive, says Per Edström, CEO.