Peafowl Plasmonics appoints Regina Sipos as Chair of the Board

Peafowl Plasmonics’s general meeting appoints Regina Sipos as new Chairperson to lead the board of directors and support the management team.

Regina Sipos has a solid background as chairperson and board member, leading several large and scale-up companies to success though transition and growth.

“Peafowl is a small company with a huge potential! The technology that Peafowl brings is disruptive to the point that it is our duty to make it available to the market, for the benefit of the environment and the planet,” says Regina Sipos. “I really look forward to guiding this team towards market recognition and commercial growth.

“We are very excited to welcome Regina Sipos to chair the Board of Peafowl,” says Jörgen Bodin, Almi Invest GreenTech.  “With her extensive experience and having made a similar journey with several other companies, we are convinced that she will be able to contribute instrumentally to the success of Peafowl, going forward,“ he concludes.

Other Members of the Board are Jörgen Bodin, Almi Invest GreenTech; Anna Haupt, Industrifonden; Alex Basu, Navigare Ventures and Cristina Paun, co-founder Peafowl Plasmonics. Regina Sipos will take on an active role to lead the work on the board and she will also extend her support to the management team.

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