Peafowl Plasmonics strengthens production capacity

Peafowl Plasmonics takes the next step to secure production development and capacity by hiring Jonathan Ahlbom as COO.

Jonathan has an extensive background in product development and production processes. Most recently he comes from Furhat Robotics, but he also has an entrepreneurial background as founder of several companies.

“I’m totally convinced that Jonathan, with his background, has lots to contribute when we now enter the phase of optimizing and refining our production process,” says Per Edström, CEO at Peafowl. “With his experience in production, and as an entrepreneur himself, he will be able to understand what we need in order to make the production process not only optimized for us but also deployable at a customer’s site.”

Jonathan will take the overall responsibility for operations and become a member of the management team. The initial work will focus on setting up the new lab at the new facility with a smooth transition from Ångströmlaboratoriet, at Uppsala University.

“The characteristics of plasmonics are truly amazing and enables new and completely invisible energy solutions for electronics. Peafowl’s technology makes it possible to power functionalities off the grid, which will become increasingly important,” says Jonathan Ahlbom. “I see huge potential in many product segments, and I look forward to optimizing the production in order to reach the market.

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