Maria Strömme joins the Advisory Board of Peafowl Plasmonics

Maria Strömme will join Peafowl Plasmonics’ Advisory Board, comprising of world leading scientists and experts within or adjacent to the field of advanced materials and nanotechnology.

Maria Strömme has a long and solid background both as a scientist and as an entrepreneur. Maria Strömme is a professor of Nanotechnology at Uppsala University, co-founder of several material science-based companies as well as Director of several Boards, including Industrifonden.

I’m very excited to join Peafowl Plasmonics as an Advisor,” Maria Strömme says. “Their technology is totally aligned with both my professional and personal interest in bringing novel technology-based sustainable solutions to the market. I am convinced that their commercial breakthrough will bring a significant sustainability impact for their customers and end-users”.

The Advisory Board is an important part in anchoring the research, development and market trajectory with scientists and experts, especially for companies like Peafowl Plasmonics, operating on the rim of new scientific fields. The views and visions of the Advisory Board constitute valuable input into how the company will access and select different options going forward.

It is a true privilege to catch the interest and engagement of someone with such long and diverse experience within Nanotechnology,”says Per Edström, CEO at Peafowl. “Maria has the perfect background to offer both scientific and commercial advice and her network extends far beyond ours”, he concludes.   

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